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Digital Backup System with 4 Rear/2 Front Sensors (SD6)

Item Price: $69.00

4 Rear and 2 Front ultrasonic sensors install in your bumper

Digital LED display unit shows the distance of object on the back when you reverse your car.

It can also shows the front distance of an object when your car is forwarding.

The system sensors transmit a modulated beam signal which is capable of seeing through fog, rain, smoke, and snow, day or night.

The system alerts with a variable multitone audio pulse and panel display

Step 1: Connect the Electric Power Step 2: Install the Insert-Style Sensors in front and rear bumpers
  • Open the trunk, on the back of the blanket, find the wires to the back light housing.
  • Use of a 12 volt multi-meter, Probe the appropriate wiring harness which heads toward the reverse light connector of the vehicle, looking for the wire which carries 12 volts + when reverse gear is engaged, and no voltage when reverse gear is disengaged. Never use a test light to probe wires.

  • Once you have located the proper reverse light power wire, use a quick connector (included) to connect the RED wire from the control processer. You do not need to cut any wire.
  • Drill two in the front bumper and four holes in the rear bumper via provided drilling bit.
  • Install the insert-style sensors in the bumper.
  • Run the wires of sensors into the trunk, and plug in the control center.
  • Connect the power line of control center with the power line of backup light.