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LED Wireless Display, 4 Sensors Car Backup System (SD4-WLS)

Item Price: $59.00

 Wireless digital LED display shows distance in feet.
 No need to layout the wires to connect the display unit.
 You can choose stick-on or drill-in style of sensors
 The system sensors transmit a modulated beam signal which is capable of seeing through fog, rain, smoke, and or night.
 Warning Distance:1'  -10'
 Frequency of alarm beeping changes according to the distance changing

Step 1: Connect the Electric Power Step 2: Install the Sensonrs
  • Open the trunk, on the back of the blanket, find the wires to the back light housing.
  • Use of a 12 volt multi-meter, Probe the appropriate wiring harness which heads toward the reverse light connector of the vehicle, looking for the wire which carries 12 volts + when reverse gear is engaged, and no voltage when reverse gear is disengaged. Never use a test light to probe wires.
  • Once you have located the proper reverse light power wire, use a quick connector (included) to connect the RED wire from the control processer. You do not need to cut any wire.
  • Install 4 sensors in the bumper based on the instructions.
  • Run the wires of sensors into the trunk, and plug in the control center.
  • Connect the power line of control center with the power line of backup light.
Step 3:Trun on the Display and Test the System
  • Insert the ciagrette power plug of the display unit into the ciagrette power hole of the car.
  • Backup the car and test the system
  • Test the display number with the actual distance.